Arthvr Alleyne

Screenwriter, Playwright, Director, Artist

Arthvr Alleyne has yearned to tell stories from the time he began to write and sketch at an early age. That passion evolved over the years from painting to theater and eventually creating for the cinema. This autuer expertly weaves narratives with bold visuals and rich dialogue be it comedy, drama or thriller. With a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, he has worked over the years on numerous music videos, commercials, studio and independent productions honing his craft. A career in advertising and photography preceded Arthvr’s foray in the theater world, most notibly as the playwright of Scribblin’at the Automat, the acclaimed production that looks at the friendship of writer James Baldwin and Richard Avedon the photographer. Arthvr delves into the creative process always wanting and willing to collaborate at every phase no matter the medium. Eventually coming to filmmaking, he is never more at home like on the set of a production applying his craft; forever writing, developing and directing. A cinephile that’s known to comment, “You can read the credits of a film and tell if it’s going to be any damn good by who is involved.” Aware that it’s not enough to have that great story or one-of-a-kind idea, but can that script be produced, is what’s written on the page can that be realized on screen? He strives to be expressive in the film business, have it resonant with the audience and be commercial.